5 Common Problems
and How Maya Global
Solutions Solves Them

1. Quality of Service

  • Get reliable, clear voice calls, without robot voice or dropped connections
  • Crisp videoconferencing: Maintains video connections as long as possible, and keeps audio alive, no matter what
  • Get responsive unified communications applications
  • Leverage inexpensive broadband connections with enterprise-grade quality

2. Visibility

  • Identify sources of network congestion
  • Eliminate lengthy troubleshooting problems

See the actual performance and characteristics of the infrastructure and get detailed, real time analytics for each connection.

3. Business Continuity

  • Supports multiple WAN connections (carrier independent)
  • 100% uptime for critical business applications
  • Dynamically steers traffic. Important traffic like voice and video get highest priority.

4. Security

Remote and branch offices need just as much security as headquarters, so we have:

  • Encrypted VPN Tunnels across the enterprise network to provide the same level of security as private circuits securing a private site-to-site network mesh
  • Basic Firewall services to protect the local office from unwanted Internet attacks.

5. Deployment and Management

  • Deploy in minutes with minimal IP address configuration
  • Utilize existing WAN connections. No need to order new ones and wait for weeks
  • Our network appliance manages all traffic: self-driving
  • No manual policies to set up