With the new school year rapidly approaching, many students and teachers will be home, using distance learning and video conferencing applications that will compete with “work from home” professionals for bandwidth. The broadband traffic to and from the Internet can get congested resulting in frozen video, unintelligible audio and disconnects.

Maya’s Internet Quality Service (IQSTM) for Education is a unique bundle that enables data networks, in the home and in educational institutions, to deliver the best quality of service (QoS) for crucial, time sensitive applications like voice and video. In addition, our simple yet powerful solution works over existing, inexpensive Internet connections.

IQS Bundle for Education

By bundling Maya IQS™ for remote students and/or teachers with Maya IQSe™ for IT administrators, you get:

High Quality Voice and Video for Remote Learning Apps
  • Our solution will prioritize delivery and receipt of all voice and video communications ensuring a quality experience at all times.
  • IQS constantly monitors traffic quality, dynamically adjusts to changing network conditions and manages throughput.
A Cost-Effective Solution
  • The IQS for Education bundle is customized to fit your unique environment.
  • There is no need to pay for additional network bandwidth at each school site or home.
  • The bundle comes with an academic discount, which can increase depending on the size of your deployment.
Easy Installation and Superior Visibility
  • Maya’s solution was designed to be easy to install and easy to move.
  • No complex rules or configurations to manage.
  • IQSe provides superior network visibility for your IT administrators.
  • IQSe allows an admin to easily identify sources of network congestion and service provider issues.
  • Minimizes finger-pointing and troubleshooting costs.
Provides Security and Business Continuity
  • A stateful firewall provides protection for remote locations.
  • Works in harmony with existing firewall solutions.
  • At school sites with multiple ISP’s you can have seamless failover and achieve full business continuity.
IQS Benefits

Maya’s Internet Quality Service was purpose built to provide:

  • Reliable Video Conferencing
  • Crystal Clear Voice over IP
  • End-to-End Application QoS
  • Plug & Play Installation
  • “Set & Forget” Configuration

All while being:

  • Affordable
  • Non-Disruptive