Maya Global Solutions Completes InSpeed Networks Asset Purchase

Press Release

Industry veteran Michael Mansouri Completed the InSpeed Asset Purchase and Launches Maya Global Solutions Services

Maya Global Solutions has announced that it has completed the asset purchase of InSpeed Networks assets and has formed Maya Global Solutions to continue commercialization of InSpeed Networks products and services.

Industry veteran Michael Mansouri will lead the company as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The executive management team includes former InSpeed executives including the founder Ed Basart. Maya is augmented by industry leaders and advisors, including Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi former Global CTO & CIO for AT& T, with 1,400 patents, and Nat Sakimura a globally known identity and privacy architect and Chairman of OpenID foundations.

“This deal is an important and significant milestone for Maya Global Solutions. Maya is fast becoming one of the most disruptive and forward-thinking technology brands in a hot Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market. The solution is displacing expensive $46B legacy private lines by offering a SaaS-based solution. The Maya solution offers a savings of 50% over existing private line (MPLS) while adding network visibility and security at the endpoints. Furthermore, COVID19 and work from home initiatives have created an accelerated market adoption for our solution,” said Michael Mansouri.

“I have never seen a cybersecurity solution like Maya in my entire career and not only can it be used for enterprise customers, but also after the COVID fiasco, your solution is by far the best protection against cyberattacks while providing network optimization. This is especially true for healthcare and telecommuting which is here to stay for this decade and the next,” said Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi, Maya’s Strategic Advisor.

“We are well-poised to take advantage of the opportunities that have sprung up in 2020. This new chapter is likely to generate more growth and innovation for the company than in the past,” added Michael Mansouri.

Maya Global Solutions technology has created a new type of cloud service Secure Access Service Edge capability, providing WAN performance, quality, visibility and security on any single commodity Internet connection for clear voice, video conferencing and responsive applications. The key enabling technology, Dynamic Bandwidth Control, allows Maya’s service to adapt in real time to network capacity changes while maintaining quality and maximum throughput. The core technology is protected by a series of patent applications.

Maya’s “self-driving” autonomous nature is also new to the industry, with hands-free deployment and self-configuration. Customers are provided a timeline view of the service in action as it optimizes WAN throughput, and a simple graphical report grading their Internet connection.