Maya’s Internet Quality Service for Enterprise (IQSeTM) enables crystal clear voice calls, crisp video conferencing and responsive cloud applications over any WAN connection. Maya’s simple yet powerful Control Center Portal provides you with real-time visibility and management. For the most effective business continuity and redundancy, IQSe also supports simultaneous multiple connections from independent providers. Maya’s IQSe for Enterprise solution can provide the quality video conferencing experience your organization needs

Maya’s IQSe provides a high quality, cost effective video conferencing experience for a single site, multiple sites or your remote professional workers.

Improves Voice and Video Conferencing Experience
  • Working on top of your existing network, IQSe for Enterprise constantly monitors traffic quality, dynamically adjusts to changing network conditions and manages throughput.
  • IQSe prioritizes the more demanding traffic, such as voice and video conferencing, over less real-time packets, ensuring a quality experience at all times.
Provides Security and Business Continuity, Cost Effectively
  • IQS supports bi-directional, encrypted VPN tunnels providing full VPN mesh connectivity without the complex configuration, management, and high cost of MPLS.
  • In a multiple ISP configuration, you can have seamless failover and achieve full business continuity.
  • Because IQS provides professional quality with existing broadband connections, you can avoid complicated solutions like MPLS—which typically cost an order of magnitude more than traditional ISP services.
Easy to Use, Increases Visibility into Network Issues
  • Simple to install and provides superior network visibility.
  • No complex rules or configurations to manage.
  • Easily identify sources of network congestion and service provider issues.
  • Minimize finger-pointing and troubleshooting costs.
IQS Benefits

Maya’s Internet Quality Service was purpose built to provide:

  • Reliable Video Conferencing
  • Crystal Clear Voice over IP
  • End-to-End Application QoS
  • Plug & Play Installation
  • “Set & Forget” Configuration

All while being:

  • Affordable
  • Non-Disruptive
User Experience High Fidelity VoIP
Smooth Video Conferencing
Lightning Fast Hosted Apps
Deployment Easy Plug & Play Deployment
Go live Quickly in minutes
Maintenance Set & Forget means Negligible Maintenance
Cost Low Cost licensing and maintenance
Connectivity Operates over Any WAN Link
Reliability High Reliable fully meshed network and active/active uplinks
Visibility Identifies sources of network congestion; Eliminates lengthy troubleshooting
Security Secure stateful firewall built-in