IQS Solutions Overview

Broadband connections have become known as “best effort”, also known as Unreliable. MPLS is reliable, but Expensive. Internet Quality Service (IQS) delivers predictability and reliability to your existing Internet connections, making your cloud and hosted services run faster, while delivering clear voice and video. A SD-WAN Solution that has a Return On Investment achieved, both monetarily and with improved customer satisfaction.

With Maya IQS, adding quality is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Platform: Maya Router and Standard Broadband connections
  2. Deployment: Simple.Fast.
  3. Prioritization: Automatically prioritize important applications

We’ve designed the service to be reliable, flexible and self-driving.

Maya brings a fundamentally different approach to SD-WAN Internet Optimization, allowing companies to experience the promise of quality broadband without the expense of MPLS or private circuits.

The result? Greater business flexibility, increased workforce productivity and lower IT costs.

More than just a SD-WAN solution, Maya IQS automatically adjusts according to traffic conditions. Maya’s IQS service includes:

  • Automatic prioritization of Voice, Video and business applications
  • Self-Managing service that drives down IT costs
  • SaaS prioritization
  • Zero touch Plug and Play Installation
  • Built in VPN connectivity for Multi-Site customers
  • Built in redundant link capable

The Self Managed Network
Maya’s philosophy is that IT departments want sophistication without management headaches.

Business application needs are constantly changing. Who wants to manage hundreds of policies?

Maya is designed to prioritize and adjust to your business needs, delivering:

  • High quality voice
  • High quality video
  • Faster application access to cloud services (office 365, salesforce, etc.)


Maya provides the most reliable, flexible and self-driving SD-WAN service in the market. Maya brings a fundamentally different approach to SD-WAN Internet Optimization, that allows companies to experience the promise of quality broadband without the expense of MPLS and other private circuits.

1 – Platform – Leverage existing Internet connections

Single Site – Continue to leverage inexpensive broadband connections and give them the quality they deserve.

Multi-Site – If you are currently using private circuits to deliver high quality, you can now move away from the expense of MPLS and Point to Point Circuits. With Maya there is immediate ROI in moving to broadband connections as you can now maintain the same quality without the high cost. Maya can also provide built in VPN connectivity to easily interconnect all sites.

Remote – Give quality to remote SOHO workers. Maya easily allows remote workers to reliably use their broadband connections to attach to the corporate network and without complicated firewall connectivity.

2 – Deployment – Installed in minutes vs. days

The Maya IQS platform is a cloud service that consists of a small onsite router (hardware) that automatically connects to the Maya cloud service located on the edge of the Internet backbone.

The Maya hardware is easy to install with minimal IP address configuration and doesn’t require additional IP addresses to be sourced from your Internet Service Provider.

Once installed, the hardware automatically creates a secure connection to the Maya cloud and begins to manage all traffic.

Additional Internet connections can be inexpensively added to create a layer of redundancy and business continuity to your site.

3 – Prioritization – Automatically prioritize important applications

Maya’s algorithms manage your internet bandwidth to automatically adjust to preserve high quality voice, video, virtual desktop infrastructure and cloud applications. Providing the best throughput possible.

Without introducing latency or circuit overhead, Maya continually measures the broadband connections to determine the best path and quality of the circuit. If latency or packet loss is detected, Maya will automatically adjust to allow for high priority traffic to flow.

While others are just a metered stoplight on freeway that introduces latency, Maya manages the entire freeway, both directions, to reduce congestion.