Maya’s RemoteLAN solutions brings your multiple locations into a unified workspace for remote workforce with easy one-click provisioning. That’s all that is needed.  Maya’s RemoteLAN is the industry’s first to offer built-in desktop application optimization over any network securely and cost effectively.

Maya RemoteLAN

Plug & Play Secure Enterprise Access for Remote Workers

Maya RemoteLAN is a user-friendly, plug-and-play solution that allows professionals working remotely to securely access corporate resources with easy one-click provisioning.  It is also the industry’s first solution to offer built-in, cost effective desktop application optimization over any network.

The Maya RemoteLAN solution provides end-to-end security while improving network and application performance.  Maya’s RemoteLAN solution:

  • Allows for seamless network access to HQ and private data center files
  • Extends the Headquarters network to remote users and branch offices
  • Remote users can directly access files on the network, HQ, branch offices, and other users
  • Runs all enterprise traffic through an encrypted VPN
  • Provides the same security as dedicated networks
  • Works on any Internet connection – easy to provision with a single click
Maya RemoteLAN VPN Architecture
  • Connect multiple remote locations to Headquarters data center
  • Maya Cloud instances placed near remote locations for minimum latency
  • Central hub connects distant Maya instances
  • Maya Cloud instances are single tenant for security isolation
  • Maya locations use a split tunnel:
    • Single physical connection
    • Direct Internet for high bandwidth and low latency
    • Multipoint VPN to interconnect distant instances
  • Single 1-click interface to add a remote location
Deployment Real Plug & Play
“Bump in the Wire”
Go live in seconds
Maintenance Set & Forget 
No Policies to Manage
Affordability Low Cost Subscription
Priced per Site not by Bandwidth
Connectivity Operates over Any WAN
Interoperability Co-Exist with Firewalls
No Router Changes
No NAT Issues
No IP Address Changes