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Two new services support remote worker initiatives

Maya Global Solutions, a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Technology Leader, announced
today the release of two new services for SOHO and Enterprise customers; Maya IQS and Maya
IQSe. These new services deliver secure business communications over commodity internet
connections, allowing workers to have a high-quality user experience without the expense of
MPLS or other private circuits.The Maya solution is particularly important as more and more
enterprises are supporting remote worker initiatives.

Both Maya IQS and IQSe work across all circuit types, identifies traffic type, and automatically
prioritizes traffic to achieve crisp, clear voice and video. The solution uses patented algorithms
to manage traffic without intervention and is designed for zero touch provisioning. Real time
analytics are provided to ensure health and uptime of the network.

As companies support an increasing number of remote staff, they are looking for effective ways
to improve videoconferencing quality and responsiveness of cloud-based applications. Maya
IQS and Maya IQSe both work with commodity broadband and can cost effectively improve the
user experience and extend corporate networks securely and reliably.

“These two services are incredibly powerful and solve quality issues experienced by SOHO,
medium, and large enterprise locations. Maya’s services can also play a critical role in reducing
the cost and effort of supporting a remote workforce”, said Maya Global Solutions Chairman,
Michael Mansouri.

About Maya Global Solutions

Maya was established in 2019 to help customers extend high quality and cost effective
communications to their remote locations. Maya’s IQS and IQSe services provide high quality
WAN performance, featuring visibility and security on any single commodity Internet
connection. The key enabling technology, Dynamic Bandwidth Control, adapts in real time to
network capacity changes while maintaining quality and maximum throughput. The core
technology is protected by a series of patent applications. The company is led by industry
veteran Michael Mansouri and an experienced and talented management team. Maya is
headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

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