Our Story


Maya Global Solutions was founded in 2019 to address service quality of voice, videoconferencing, and distributed business applications.

In 2020, this strategy has become even more important as business grapples with the challenges caused by a significant increase in remote workers. Education has also become online nearly everywhere in the world and lots of teachers and students have encountered internet connections issues, bad quality of call, disconnections,…

Maya Solutions Maya Essential IQS™ dedicated to teachers, students and home end-users and Maya Premier IQS™ addressing SOHOs, SMBs and IT departments help meet the quality and cost challenges caused by remote working.

Our team of experts in IT and Services is dedicated to help our customers having the most reliable experience when working, studying and videoconferencing at home.

Michael Mansouri, Chairman and CEO, has a track record of creating value for both customers and shareholders. He has assembled a talented management team and an innovative technical team worldwide to develop solutions and help businesses face the challenges of supporting remote workers.