Vertical Markets

More people from all walks of life are feeling frustrated and stressed while using videoconferencing and cloud based applications from work or home. Issues with unresponsive applications, unstable conference calls and unreliable videoconferencing sessions can not only be annoying but can also cost company’s real  money.  Maya Global Solutions has solved these issues for people in a variety of industries, whether working from the office or from home.  Check out our Case Studies to see how real people have solved real problems with Maya.

  • Maintain continuity of courses
  • Do not put students aside
  • Simplicity of use for non-professional
  • Deliver the service and responsiveness clients demand
  • Ensure a full time availability for clients
  • Clients can always reach you over a high quality VoIP connection
  • 24×7 access to real time market data
  • More satisfied customers
  • No interruption of payment systems
  • Easy to manage
  • Responsive care with a reliable, high-quality videoconferencing experience
  • Provider’s applications are always available