What is Maya Global Quality Service?

Maya Global Solutions' Quality Service™ (MGSQS) is the first and only SD-WAN solution purpose built to make voice, videoconferencing and cloud-based applications work as promised over every WAN connection, all the time.

Our breakthrough technology enables crystal clear voice calls, crisp videoconferencing and responsive applications over a WAN connection. It’s a simple, yet powerful solution that saves companies money, and adds real-time visibility.

Maya Global Solutions provides the full suite of quality and security services over a single Internet connection, and for the most effective business continuity and redundancy, also supports simultaneous multiple connections from independent providers.

Because security is so important at remote and branch offices as well as headquarters, we have integrated security services in our standard product. We establish an enterprise wide Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect company data as it travels over the Internet—and we do it over commodity broadband connections, provisioned with a single click. We also include standard “best practices” Firewall security services to automatically protect your remote office’s Internet connections from unwanted attacks.