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Message from Michael Mansouri, Chairman:

There is a Solution to your Voice and Video Conferencing Problems during the COVID-19 Outbreak:

Since the COVID-19 virus outbreak, and the massive increase in telecommuting it has spawned, many organizationsand individuals are struggling with congested networks, poor voice and video quality, and an increased risk of cyber-attacks.

Our company, Maya (, delivers unmatched qualityof service increases for voice, video and datausinga unique and patented technology.Maya is a pure cloud delivered service which resolves the all too common congestions and dropout problems found with current teleconferencing and teleworking solutions without the need for expensive new circuits.

Over five years of experience in the market,hundreds of satisfied customers and glowing reviews testify to the product’s remarkable capabilities.Our Software as a Solution (SaaS) model works as an overlay on top of any existing Internet Service Provider’s connection – private circuit, broadband, or cellular – with transparent failover. No other product or service can guarantee video quality over a commodity connection, nor can anyone else deliver quality from the cloud alone.

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