We don't provide the Internet service, we make it better

Maya Global Solutions is not a traditional SD-WAN company


Our patented technology provides SD-WAN benefits over a single Internet connection, both up and down stream

Our Dynamic Bandwidth Control prioritizes and optimizes traffic flows automatically.  No need for policy management


Our solution is an affordable, plug, play and forget service that ensures a reliable network connection when working or studying at home, during voice calls, videoconferences or with cloud-based applications

Maya, we make your network better



Maya Global Solutions’ breakthrough technology enables crystal clear voice calls, crisp videoconferencing and responsive applications over a WAN connection. It’s a simple yet powerful solution that saves companies money, and adds real-time visibility and security.


Maya Global Solutions
Partner Program

Maya's Partner Program is designed to help you build and grow a long-term, profitable business. Working from home is creating serious challenges for individuals and IT organizations as well as creating a new opportunity for voice/video Resellers, MSPs, Service Providers and OEMs. Maya's IQSTM services ensure your customers have the best voice/video conferencing
experience in the industry. Maya's IQSTM can provide a new revenue stream and/or it can be bundled with other communications services you already sell. Even though we are a new company, Maya's team has decades of experience with Partners and Service Providers.


We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about our program.

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