Maya Global Solutions

Video & voice optimization that is simple,
affordable and works over 4/5G, Fiber,
Cable, DSL or private networks.

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What We Do

Maya Global Solutions’ breakthrough technology enables crisp videoconferencing, crystal clear voice calls and responsive cloud-based applications over any WAN connection. It’s a simple yet powerful solution that saves companies money, and adds real-time visibility and security.


How We Do It



Our patented technology is purpose-built to optimize video, voice and overall network traffic. We provide these benefits over one, or multiple, Internet connections, both up and down stream.

Maya's Dynamic Bandwidth Control adapts in real time to network capacity changes and prioritizes video and voice traffic flows automatically. No need for policy management.

Our solution is an affordable, set and forget service that ensures a high quality video and voice experience whether working at the office or from home.

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Case Studies

Maya Global Solutions Partner Program

Maya's Partner Program is designed to help you build and grow a long-term, profitable business. Our Partners have experienced the following benefits:

  • You can be more responsive to your clients needs as we are nimble, flexible and easy to work with
  • Cost reductions in deployment, on going maintenance and support activities
  • Increased market penetration in the SMB and home office markets due to our affordable price points
  • A recurring revenue stream via a subscription pricing model
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