When Moments in Your Life Depend on Technology


Have you ever realized how important moments in life depend on technology?

You’re in the middle of nowhere, backcountry skiing, when you break your ankle.  Only a satellite phone can save your life.

At the hospital, in ICU, a power outage can decide if the patient will live or not.  Only backup generators can prevent this catastrophe.

On a far less dramatic note, I recently tested my reliance on technology.

Earlier this summer, I was contacted regarding a Marketing role for a start-up company.

This start-up had developed a technology that gives video and voice priority over other Internet traffic using the available bandwidth.

I was invited to a videoconference via @Zoom with the CEO (Michael) and the COO (Barry) the next day. I accepted.

I was in a small town in Brittany and, except for striped T-shirts and its “caramel”, Brittany is not famous for its Internet connectivity. I had 5 megabits at home and 40 megabits maximum with my mobile phone! We were in the middle of the pandemic and everybody was working from home. I hoped my Internet connection would be ok.

The meeting was going well. Barry and Michael were really nice and the discussion was casual.

I first introduced myself, then Michael, our CEO started to explain how the start-up was born and how the technology works. But after less than a minute, his picture froze. I could not hear a word he was saying. Time seems suspended.  It seems like hours. My stress level was already very high anticipating meeting him but now it was through the roof. I felt like throwing the computer out the window.

Then, I realized the weather had forced my daughters inside and they may have started streaming a movie. I yelled at them from the first floor asking them to stop any internet activity IMMEDIATELY!

The image unfroze and the sound came back. Michael was ending his presentation and asked me if I had any questions. Of course, I had but I couldn’t lose face and ask him to repeat everything again.

I think that this kind of episode has happened to everyone. You are talking to a customer, a team member or the big boss about an important project and then suddenly you cannot hear anyone anymore!

Fortunately, I got the job with Maya Global Solutions.   I am happy to work for a company that improves the call that might change your life.   And that can be job related or more personal moments with remote family members.