Remote Workers and Learners Stress the Home Network


Since the COVID-19 virus outbreak, and the massive increase in telecommuting it has spawned, many organizations are struggling to
provide their remote professional workers with a high-quality experience. Poor voice and video quality as well as poor responsiveness of cloud applications impacts productivity as well as employee morale.

Compounding those issues, our schools have no choice but to rely on some level of remote learning to educate our students. Home schooling is difficult enough without having issues hearing the teacher, seeing the material being presented or just being able to stay online.

Add in the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices from security cameras, to TV’s,
to thermostats and you may have dozens of devices competing for bandwidth.

In this white paper, we will demonstrate how Maya’s IQS solution can deliver vastly improved Quality of Service even in an extremely unfriendly environment.